maine_bryanIf you’re reading this page then apparently you are curious about who I am. I’m mainly a landscape photographer with a passion for traveling, experiencing new cultures, and overall exploring. In addition to landscapes, I also do product photography, stock photography, and architectural photography.

My background is not in photography, but math, science, and engineering. Due to this, I take a very technical approach to my photos and enjoy the technology within the camera itself as much as I enjoy shooting with it.

I began photography in college with black and white film photography classes which taught me the fundamentals. Editing my own photos in the darkroom gave me insight into the techniques and processes available to enhance my images.

In case you’re wondering, my main photo gear is Canon. My go-to camera is the Canon 5DMII and all “L” series lenses. I use the Magic Lantern software on top of the base camera firmware to provide enhanced camera capabilities. In addition to the Canon system, I also have a mirrorless Sony NEX-7, which I love due to its small size. While it is a cropped sensor, the camera itself is wonderful and I find myself using it it more and more. I use both cameras for HD video as well. I do use an iPhone 5S for a lot of Instagram photos. All photos on my Instagram are using an iPhone unless otherwise noted. For audio on my training videos, I use the Blue Microphones Yeti USB microphone.

I have traveled to 49 states so far and a number of countries, documenting my journeys. On this websites are just a handful of the images I have captured over the years. Take the time to look around and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.